The Clash - Golden Bullets

The Clash - Golden Bullets

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Europe LP 2001 (no label - GCB001)

A1 White Riot
A2 White Man In Hammersmith
A3 Tommy Gun
A4 Louie Louie
A5 King Of The Road
A6 English Civil War
A7 Hate And War
A8 Isrealites
B1 Dirty Harry
B2 Overpowered By Funk
B3 The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000
B4 Heartbreak Hotel
B5 Blonde Rock And Roll

Chart Placings



A1: Live 1977
A2: Alternate version
A3, A6-A8: Live TV 1978
A4-A5: Live rehearsal 1980
B1: Outtake 1981; early version of 'The Magnificent Seven'
B2 Remix
B3 1981 demo
B4 Live in the studio 1979
B5 1981 outtake

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The Clash - Golden Bullets - Europe LP 2001 (no label - GCB001)The Clash - Golden Bullets - Europe LP 2001 (no label - GCB001) Back

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