The Clash - Jamaican Affair

The Clash - Jamaican Affair

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Europe CD 1990 (Dr. Gig - DGCD 033)

1 London Calling
2 Police On My Back
3 Guns Of Brixton
4 Magnificent Seven/Armagideon Time/Magnificent Seven
5 Junco Partner
6 Spanish Bombs
7 One More Time
8 Train In Vain
9 Bank Robber
10 The Is Radio Clash
11 Clampdown
12 Should I Stay Or Should I Go
13 Rock The Casbah
14 Straight To Hell
15 I Fought The Law

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Recorded live at the Bob Marley Center Jamaica 10/27/82

Additional Credits

Joe Strummer - guitars and vocals
Mick Jones - guitar and vocals
Paul Simonon - bass
Terry Chimes - drums

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. This master had previously been issued as Jamaica and has also been issued as From London To Jamaica.


The Clash - Jamaican Affair - Europe CD 1990 (Dr. Gig - DGCD 033)The Clash - Jamaican Affair - Europe CD 1990 (Dr. Gig - DGCD 033) Tray


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