The Clash - Riot Control!

The Clash - Riot Control!

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Europe LP 2002 (no label - CRC001)

A1 Safe European Home
A2 English Civil War
A3 Rude Boy Rock
A4 It's Not Over
A5 House of the Ju-Ju Queen
A6 Blitzkrieg Bop
B1 Capital Radio
B2 Janie Jones
B3 What's My Name
B4 Garageland
B5 London's Burning
B6 Complete Control
B7 1977
B8 Complete Control

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A1 Recorded live at the Music Machine in Camden, London 27th July 1978.
A2 A rare acoustic version recorded at the Palladium in New York on February the 7th 1979. Courtesy of WNEW, NEW YORK.
A3: An unedited instrumental from the soundtrack to the Rude Boy film in 1978. This cover of the Edwards & Ray song would later appear with its lyrics as Revolution Rock on the London Calling album.
A4: Micks [sic] original four track demo recorded at rehearsal [sic] Rehearsals in Camden during January 1978. This song was later re-written as Gates Of The West.
A5: A November 1982 solo Joe Strummer demo written for, and subsequently [recorded] by, Janie Jones, with help from the Lash.
A6: A swift cover of the Ramones classic tagged onto the end of Police & Thieves recorded at Au Stadium, Paris, France, 16th October 1978.
B1-B4: Taken from an unannounced show at the Belle Vue in Manchester, on 15th November 1977 which was broadcast on the "So It Goes" Granada TV show.
B5-B7: The debut live TV appearance recorded in the studio for the Michel Drucker Show, French TV 28th September 1977.
B8: A chaotic extended version with Mick on vocals, Joe fighting with security in the crowd, and bottles flying everywhere. Another normal night at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland on 36th [sic] September 1977

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Bootleg. At least of the credited dates is wrong: B8 was recorded 26th Spetember.


The Clash - Riot Control! - Europe LP 2002 (no label - CRC001) The Clash - Riot Control! - Europe LP 2002 (no label - CRC001) Back Cover

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