The Clash - Sandinista Sampler

The Clash - Sandinista Sampler

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Canada LP 1980 (CBS Records Canana - CDN34)

A1 Hitsville U.K. 4:22
A2 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 3:05
A3 Somebody Got Murdered 3:34
A4 The Call Up 5:28
A5 Police On My Back 3:16
A6 The Magnificent Seven 5:31
B1 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 4:49
B2 The Equaliser 5:46
B3 Version City 4:21
B4 Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) 4:32
B5 One More Time 3:32
B6 Junco Partner 4:52

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