The Clash - The Clash Singles

The Clash - The Clash Singles Japan Box Set

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Japan 8x7" 1979 (Epic - 44.5P-103~110)

1A White Riot 1:54
1B 1977 1:40
2A Remote Control 3:00
2B London's Burning (Live) 2:10
3A Complete Control 3:10
3B The City Of The Dead 2:24
4A Clash City Rockers 3:55
4B Jail Guitar Doors 3:05
5A (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais 3:59
5B The Prisoner 3:02
6A Tommy Gun 3:16
6B 1-2 Crush On You 2:59
7A English Civil War 2:34
7B Pressure Drop 3:25
8A London Calling 3:20
8B Armagideon Time 3:50

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Additional Notes

Reissue of the eight singles. The Cost of Living E.P. should really have been included as it was released in between English Civil War and London Calling.


The Clash - The Clash Singles Japan Box Set - Japan 8x7" 1979 (Epic - 44.5P-103~110)

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