The Clash - The Summer Of '82

The Clash - The Summer Of '82

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UK LP 1987 (no label - no cat no)

A1 London Calling
A2 Safe European Home
A3 Guns Of Brixton
A4 Train In Vain
A5 Know Your Rights
A6 Magnificent Seven
B1 Geto [sic] Defendent [sic]
B2 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
B3 Police And Thieves
B4 Brand New Cadillac
B5 Bank Robber
B6 Compleate [sic] Control

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Live at the Lochem Festival May 10, 1982

Joe Strummer - guitars & very vocal about sociopolitical unrest
Mick Jones - rhythm method & somewhat less vocal
Paul Simonon - bass fishing, reelin' & a rockin'
Tony Grimes - percussion & beats working

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