Elvis Costello - Four Pack

Elvis Costello - Four Pack

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UK 4x7"1981 (Stiff – GRAB 3)

Less Than Zero
A Less Than Zero 3:15
B Radio Sweetheart 2:48
A Allison 3:04
B Welcome To The Working Week 1:20
Red Shoes
A Red Shoes 2:30
B Mystery Dance 1:35
Watching The Detectives
A Watching The Detectives 3:43
B1 Blame It On Caine 2:58
B2 Mystery Dance 1:50

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Disc 1: Less Than Zero 7", 1977
Disc 2: Allison 7", 1977
Disc 3: Red Shoes 7", 1977
Disc 4: Watching The Detectives 7", 1977

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PUNKY GIBBON: All of Elvis' four Stiff singles in one plastic pack. Good.

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