Cyanide - Cyanide

Cyanide - Cyanide LP

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UK LP 1978 (Pye - NSPL 18554)

A1 Tonight
A2 No Progress
A3 I'm A Boy
A4 Where's The Money
A5 Do It
A6 Night Rider
B1 Hate The State
B2 Mac The Flash
B3 The Job
B4 All Over The Top
B5 Tourist
B6 Charlie

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Bob De Vries - vocals
Dave Stewart - guitar
Dave Thompson - bass
Mick Stewart - drums

Produced by Ron O'Shea for Spook Productions
Recorded at Pye Studios during Decmber 1977

Additional Credits (Bootleg)

Steve Roberts - drums on B3 - B7
Jock Marston - bass on B8 & B9

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Cyanide - Cyanide - UK LP 1978  (Pye - NSPL 18554)Cyanide - Cyanide - UK LP 1978  (Pye - NSPL 18554) Back

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