The Damned - Dozen Girls

The Dammed - Dozen Girls

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UK 7” 1982 (Bronze - BRO 156)

A Dozen Girls
B1 Take That
B2 Torture Me

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Produced by The Damned
A-Side Co-produced by Hugh Jones

Additional Credits

Dave Vanian - vocals
Captain Sensible - guitar, keyboards, vocals on 'Take That ' and 'Torture Me'
Paul Gray - bass
Rat Scabies - drums, vocals

Reviews & Opinions

FRED DELLAR, SMASH HITS, 14TH OCTOBER 1982: A cross between The Beatles and the Junction Arms crowd at chucking-out time. Why does this geezer have a dozen girls? Vanian and Co want to know. Obviously the news about Barry has travelled fast.

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #4, JAN/FEB 1983: More snappy pop-punk from the DAMNED, complete with organ, synthesized marimbas, and music hall singing. This may be a far cry from "Neat Neat Neat," but it's got an undeniable charm of its own. There are even--dare I say it?--some tasteful Guitar licks amid the overall silliness.

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The Dammed - Dozen Girls - UK 7” 1982 (Bronze - BRO 156)The Dammed - Dozen Girls - UK 7” 1982 (Bronze - BRO 156) Back Cover

Two pressings: the first has the song-writing on Side 1 credited to Vanian/Sensible/Scabies, while the second has it credited to Vanian/Sensible/Scabies/Karloff. Click here for more


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