The Damned - Four Pack

The Damned - Four Pack

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UK 4x7" 1981 (Stiff - GRAB 2)

New Rose
A New Rose
B Help
Neat Neat Neat
A Neat Neat Neat
B1 Stab Yor Back
B2 Singalonga-Scabies
Problem Child
A Problem Child
B You Take My Money
Don't Cry Wolf
A Don't Cry Wolf
B One Way Love

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Disc 1 originally released October 1976: New Rose (BUY 6)
Disc 2 originally released February 1977: Neat Neat Neat (BUY 10)
Disc 3 originally released September 1977: Problem Child (BUY 18)
Disc 4 originally released December 1977: Don't Cry Wolf (BUY 24)

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The Damned - Four Pack - UK 4x7" 1981 (Stiff - GRAB 2)

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