The Damned - Live Anthology

The Damned - Live Anthology

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UK 2xCD 2001 (Castle Music – CMDDD 357)
US 2xCD 2002 (Castle Music – 06076-81146-2)

Disc One
1 Fall
2 I Just Can't Be Happy Today
3 Plan 9 Channel 7
4 Smash It Up
5 Drinking About My Baby
6 Looking At You
7 I Feel Alright
8 Love Song
9 Ballroom Blitz
10 New Rose
11 In A Rut
12 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
13 Melody Lee
14 Neat Neat Neat / New Rose
15 Shakin' All Over
Disc Two
1 Ignite
2 Disco Man
3 Generals
4 Bad Time For Bonzo
5 Dozen Girls
6 Love Song
7 Smash It Up (Part I)
8 Smash It Up (Part II)
9 Looking At You
10 New Rose
11 Teenage Dream
12 Stretcher Case
13 Ballroom Blitz
14 Problem Child
15 Melody Lee
16 Born To Kill
17 Suicide
18 Looking At You

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CD 1 Recorded at The Lyceum, London on 12 July 1981 and previously issued as Mindless, Directionless, Energy. (Live At The Lyceum 1981).
CD2 1-10 Recorded at Newcastle Mayfair on 14 October 1982 and previously issued as Live In Newcastle.
CD2 11-18 Recorded at The Moonlight Club, London in April 1979 and previously issued as The School Bullies.

Reviews & Opinions

NIGEL TUFNELL, RECORD COLLECTOR, 2001: In the live environment, the Damned have been as much a visual as an aural experience. Taking away the former element of that equation goes some way to explaining why their concert albums have never worked as well as studio based releases. This collection is no exception, There's over two hours of madness and mayhem, but it's somewhat less than first meets the eye. 'New Rose' is rightly acclaimed as the punks' first - and still greatest - single, but do we need three versions? Ditto the double helpings of 'Love Song' and 'Smash It Up'. If the excuse what to plot-point the band's development, it would've been helpful to have included details of their year of performance. It's certainly not constructed in any chronological order, jiggling about from London '81 to Newcastle '82 then back to London '79. There's value in assembling all these cuts under one roof, but this CD is more exhausting than exhaustive.

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Also issued as a DVD


The Damned - Live Anthology - UK 2xCD 2001 (Castle Music – CMDDD 357) The Damned - Live Anthology - UK 2xCD 2001 (Castle Music – CMDDD 357) Tray

UK 2xCD 2001 (Castle Music – CMDDD 357)

The Damned - Live Anthology - US 2xCD 2002 (Castle Music – 06076-81146-2)

US 2xCD 2002 (Castle Music – 06076-81146-2)


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