The Damned - Best Of Vol 1 1/2: The Long Lost Weekend

The Dammed - Best Of Vol 1 1/2: The Long Lost Weekend

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UK LP 1988 (Big Beat - WIK 80)

A1 Over The Top (Motordamn) 3:18
A2 Ballroom Blitz 3:27
A3 White Rabbit (Extended Version) 5:07
A4 I Believe The Impossible 2:55
A5 Sugar & Spite 1:29
A6 Citadel 3:16
A7 Limit Club 4:17
A8 Nasty 3:39
B1 Disco Man 3:09
B2 Billy Bad Breaks 3:17
B3 Generals 3:23
B4 Ignite 4:52
B5 Bad Time For Bonzo 3:29
B6 Stranger On The Town 5:14
B7 Thanks For The Night 3:55

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 17, 2 wks


It sure has been a long, strange trip for THE DAMNED as they weave from one career to another, shedding record companies like so much lizard skin and depositing disillusioned managers across the desert landscape as they search for...who knows what. Gathered together here is a strange amalgam of songs, psychedelic soundscapes and frozen moments drawn from their great transition out of Chiswick and into MCA. At least, here is the long lost legend that us the MOTORDAMN single: a meeting of two great forces at one time, in one place, as with a shout of "Spend that money" two great bands collide with a cosmic force and spew into the world of sound 'OVER THE TOPP'!!!!!!!!!! A great lost artefact of Rock & Roll is finally here for all with ears to hear.

'BALLROOM BLITZ' was the only track from this session to appear before, on the observe of 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today', 'WHITE RABBIT' in its full blown guitar crazed 5 minutes, 'I BELIEVE THE OIMPOSSIBLE' (I do, I do) and the wild animal drums of 'SUGAR & SPITE' both from the back of 'HISTORY OF THE WORLD (PART 1)' are all from the last days of the Chiswick experience. 'CITADEL', from an idea to re-record the whole of The Rolling Stones' 'Satanic Majesties Request' by Capt, 'LIMIT CLUB', 'DISCO MAN' and 'BILLY BAD BREAKS' are all from the FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH EP. 'GENERALS', 'IGNITE', 'BAD TIME FOR BONZO' and 'STRANGER ON THE TOWN' are all from the greatly over-looked odiferous 'STRAWBERRIES' LP, and 'THANKS FOR THE NIGHT' and 'NASTY' marked the end of the 'LONG LOST WEEKEND'.

At the time of writing THE DAMNED are off on another journey. Who knows where it will end, certainly nott.......HERB FENSTEIN.

A1: Previously unreleased from "Motordamn" sessions, 1979
A2: B-Side of I Just Can't Be Happy Today 7", 1979
A3: White Rabbit 12", 1983, recorded 1980
A4-A5: B-Side of History Of The World Part I 7", 1980
A6-A7, B1-B2: Friday 13th EP 7", 1981
A8, B7: Thanks For The Night 7", 1984
B3-B6: from Strawberries LP, 1982

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The Dammed - Best Of Vol 1 1/2: The Long Lost Weekend - UK LP 1988 (Big Beat - WIK 80)The Dammed - Best Of Vol 1 1/2: The Long Lost Weekend - UK LP 1988 (Big Beat - WIK 80) Back Cover

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