The Damned - Prokofiev

The Damned - Prokofiev

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Release Information

US 7" 1991 (Skinnies Cut - AVL1077)

A Prokofiev (Vox Mix)
B Prokofiev (Instrumental)

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Additional Credits

Dave Vanian - vocals
Brian James - guitar
Captain Sensible - bass
Rat Scabies - drums

Produced by Rat Scabies

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Additional Notes

According to Wikipedia: "The song was recorded in June 1990 in Rat Scabies' home studio, consisting of a loop of The Stooges song "Gimme Danger", over which Brian James improvised on guitar and sound effects. At some point later some vocals by Dave Vanian were added. The single was sold on The Damned's September 1991 reunion tour of the US and came without a picture sleeve. It was later remixed for Not of This Earth in 1996."


The Damned - Prokofiev - US 7" 1991 (Skinnies Cut - AVL1077)The Damned - Prokofiev - US 7" 1991 (Skinnies Cut - AVL1077) B-Side

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