The Damned - Stretcher Case Baby

The Dammed - Stretcher Case Baby

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Release Information

UK 7” 1977 (Damned - DAMNED 1)

A Stretcher Case Baby 2:12
B Sick Of Being Sick 2:28

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Issued free as first anniversary gift

Produced by Shel Talmy

Special snob collectors artifact of no historical/cultural value. Play it today. Throw it away. Why sell 'em, when you can give 'em away.

Additional Credits

Dave Vanian - vocals
Brian James - guitar, vocals
Captain Sensible - bass, vocals
Rat Scabies - drums, vocals

Reviews & Opinions

None yet

Additional Notes

Gig freebie handed out at the band's first anniversary gigs at The Marquee, London, and via a competition in the NME. Copies were also sent to members of their original fan club. The B-Side was subsequently re-recorded for Music For Pleasure.


The Dammed - Stretcher Case Baby - UK 7” 1977 (Damned - DAMNED 1)The Dammed - Stretcher Case Baby - UK 7” 1977 (Damned - DAMNED 1) Back Cover

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