Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live

Dead Kennedys - The Early Years Live

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Australia CD/DVD 2004 (Rajon Distribution/Manifesto/MVD - no cat no)

1 California Über Alles
2 Kill The Poor
3 Drug Me
4 The Man With The Dogs
5 Insight
6 Let's Lynch The Landlord
7 Bleed For Me
8 Holiday In Cambodia
9 Viva Las Vegas
1 Introduction By DJ Johnny Walker
2 Kill The Poor (Disco Version)
3 Back In Rhodesia (Early Version Of When You Get Drafted)
4 Man With The Dogs
5 Gaslight (Previously Unreleased)
6 California Uber Alles
7 Ill In The Head
8 Straight As'
9 Short Songs
10 Holiday In Cambodia
11 Police Track
12 Forward To Death
13 Have I The Right
14 Back In The USSR 15 Viva Las Vegas

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Twofer combining The Early Years Live DVD and Live At The Deaf Club.


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