Dead Kennedys - Life Sentence

Dead Kennedys - Life Sentence

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UK LP 1989 (Alternative Tentacles - AT 034)

A1 Bleed For Me
A2 Kepone Factory
A3 Forward To Dead
A4 Dog Bite
A5 Life Sentence
A6 Trust Your Mechanic
A7 Moral Majority
B1 Man With The Dogs
B2 Halloween
B3 Riot
B4 Nazi Punk Fxxk Off
B5 To Drunk To Fxxk
B6 When Ya Get Drafted
B7 Rawhide

Chart Placings



Central London Poly 1981

Additional Credits

Jello Biafra - voice
East Bay Ray - guitar
Klaus Flouride - bass, vocals
D.H. Peligro - drums

Recorded at the Central London Poly, 26/11/1982

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Additional Notes

Bootleg, certainly NOT released on Alternative Tentacles! Also, not recorded in 1981. Also issued as: London.


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