Dead Kennedys - Start Another War

Dead Kennedys - Start Another War

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CD 1994 (Spacematic – Space 0002)

1 Take This Job And Shove It
2 Macho Insecurity
3 Man With The Dogs
4 Soup Is Good Food
5 Too Drunk To Fuck
6 MTV Get Off The Air
7 A Child And His Lawnmower
8 One Way Ticket To Pluto
9 Lie Detector
10 Goons Of Hazard
11 Lets Lynch The Landlord
12 Holiday In Cambodia
13 Chemical Warfare
14 Ill In The Head
15 California Uber Alles
16 Kill The Poor
17 Riot
18 Back In Rhodesia
19 Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs
20 Police Truck

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1- 11 recorded live at The Farm, San Francisco 24.5.85
12- 20 recorded live at Old Waldorf, San Francisco 25.10.79

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