Formed: London, England, UK

Alien Sex Fiend's maestro Nic Wade's great little punk band. Max Splodge and Razzle (of Hanoi Rocks) were also members at some point. Rotten, Jones and Cook of the Pistols were in the audience at their first gig.

Little Miss Perfect is just that: perfect, a terrific, saucy little number about Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming living in the UK who attained brief notoriety when she was involved in a sex scandal involving the kidnapping of a mormon missionary. She allegedly chained him up in a cellar in Devon and raped him although the charges were reduced to abduction and indecent assault. She was also immortalised in song by Radio Stars, and inspired the band The Joyce McKinney Experience.

The band changed its name to The Demons and in 1980 recorded Action By Example, the B-Side of which ('Wish I Woz A Dog') ended up as part of the Alien Sex Fiend set. Jim Bryson, who played on this single, later joined The Dark.



Singles / Albums

Demon Preacher - Illegal Pressings (4 Tracks) Demon Preacher - Little Miss Perfect The Demons - Action By Example    
Illegal Pressings (4 Tracks)
(7", 1978)
Little Miss Perfect
(7", 1978)
Action By Example
(7", as The Demons, 1980)

Extraneous Items

Demon Preacher - Demon Preacher        
Demon Preacher

Various Artists

Small Wonder: The Punk Singles Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Little Miss Perfect

Killed By Death #666 ?? LP 1998 (Redrum): Dead End Kidz

Messthetics #107 - D.I.Y. '78-81 London III US CD 2009 (Hyped To Death): Royal Northern

Action Time Vision (A Story Of Independent UK Punk 1976-1979) UK 4xCD 2016 (Cherry Red): Little Miss Perfect





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