Devo - Are U X-Perienced?

Devo - Are U X-Perienced?

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Release Information

US 7" 1984 (Warner Bros - 7-29133)

A Are You Experienced? 3:08
B Growing Pains 3:39

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Produced by Devo
'Are You Experienced?' from the Warner Bros album Shout (1-25097)

Additional Credits

Mark Mothersbaugh - lead and background vocals, keyboards, Fairlight CMI programming
Bob Casale - keyboards, Fairlight CMI programming, voice samples, backing vocals
Gerald Casale – bass guitar, bass synthesizer, keyboards, Fairlight CMI programming, vocals
Bob Mothersbaugh - guitars, vocals
Alan Myers - drums, percussion, drum programming

Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Useless pairing of a useless song from a useless LP and a useless exclusive number.

Additional Notes

There is also a promo only 12" version (PRO-A-2217) with 'Please Please' instead of 'Growing Pains'.


Devo - Are U X-Perienced? US 7" 1984 (Warner Bros - 7-29133)Devo - Are U X-Perienced? US 7" 1984 (Warner Bros - 7-29133) Back

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