Devo - Be Stiff

Devo - Be Stiff

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - BOY 2)

A Be Stiff
B Social Fools

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 71, 1 wk


A-Side produced by Eno
B-Side produced by Devo

Additional Credits

Mark Mothersbaugh - vocals
Gerald V. Casale - bass, vocals
Bob Casale - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Bob Mothersbaugh - lead guitar, backing vocals
Alan Myers - drums
Keyboards by ?

Reviews & Opinions

None yet

Additional Notes

Black vinyl, clear vinyl, "lemonade yellow" vinyl or "piss yellow" vinyl. The B-Side was later recorded for the flipside of Come Back Jonee.


Devo - Be Stiff UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - BOY 2)Devo - Be Stiff UK 7" 1978 (Stiff - BOY 2) Back Cover

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