Devo - Clockwork

Devo - Clockwork

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US LP 1979 (no label - DV 6147)

A1 Satisfaction 4:05
A2 Too Much Paranoia's 2:30
A3 Praying Hands 3:25
A4 Uncontrollable Urge 3:25
A5 Mongoloid 3:20
A6 Jocko Homo 7:15
B1 Clockout 3:10
B2 Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA 7:05
B3 Gut Feeling 5:00
B4 Sloppy 3:20
B5 Words Get Stuck In My Throat 4:55

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Live in San Francisco 1977

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Bootleg. The back cover is plain white. Also issued as Mabuhay Gardens and Innocent Spuds.


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