Formed: Orange County, Southern California, USA

SoCal punk band sometimes featuring members and ex-members of Adolescents and Social Distortion. They are one of the great, lesser known hardcore bands.

Lineup 1 (1982-1983):

Casey Royer - vocals
Tim Maag - guitars
Fredric Taccone - bass
Derek O'Brien - drums

Lineup 2 (1983):

Casey Royer - vocals
Steve Roberts - guitars
Fredric Taccone - bass
Rikk Agnew - drums, keyboards

Lineup 3 (1983-1984):

Casey Royer - vocals
Rikk Agnew - guitars
Alfie Agnew - guitars
Tim Maag - bass
Derek O'Brien - drums

Lineup 4 (1984-1986):

Casey Royer - vocals
Rikk Agnew - guitar, vocals
Alfie Agnew - guitar, vocals
John "Bosco" Calabro - bass, vocals
John Knight - drums

Lineup 5 (1986-1987):

Casey Royer - vocals
Rikk Agnew - guitar, vocals
Alfie Agnew - guitars
John "Bosco" Calabro - bass
Steve DRT - drums



Subsequent studio albums: What Good Is Grief To A God (1988), Tragedy Again (1989), State Of Shock (1994), Caseyology (2002), On The Western Front album art On The Western Front (2007).

Be aware! Anarchy Music's Richard Hung Himself: The Very Best Of (2007) should be avoided if you're expecting the very best of, or even just the normal best of, or even old stuff: it is a collection of stuff from the 1990s onwards, and even bits from a Casey Royer solo LP, including re-recordings of old so it looks like you're buying old stuff. The 2007 single Richard Hung Himself is also from this LP.

Singles & Albums

D.I. - D.I. 12" 1983D.I. (12", 1983)

D.I. - Ancient ArtifactsAncient Artifacts (LP, 1985)

D.I. - Horse Bites, Dog CriesHorse Bites Dog Cries (LP, 1985)

Extraneous Releases

D.I. - Team GoonTeam Goon (LP/CD, 1986)

Various Artists

Flipside Vinyl Fanzine Vol. 2 US LP 1985 (Flipside): Johnny's Got A Problem

Suburbia - Original Soundtrack Recording US LP 1984 (Restless): Richard Hung Himself

Rat Music For Rat People Vol I, II & III US CD 1987 (CD Presents): Ballroom Blitz

Clockwork Orange County US LP 1985 (Mystic): Loose

Off Limits Germany LP/CD 1992 (Weird System): Hang Ten In East Berlin

Old School Punk US CD 1995 (Neurotic): Guns

Slam Chops US CD 1995 (Triple X): Johnny's Got A Problem

Redefining Scenes 2 - Sampler 2004 US CD 2004 (Finger): Gutters Of Paradise





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