Discharge - Noise Not Music

Discharge ‎– Noise Not Music

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Italy 3xLP+7" 2019 (F.O.A.D. - F.O.A.D. 160)

Live At The Music Machine
A1 Realities Of War
A2 Fight Back
A3 Religion Instigates
A4 Tomorrow Belongs To Us
A5 Society's Victim
A6 War's No Fairytale
A7 But After The Gig
A8 Ain't No Feeble Bastard
A9 Always Restrictions
A10 They Declare It
B1 No TV Sketch
B2 You Take Part In Creating This System
B3 Decontrol
B4 Realities Of War
B5 Fight Back
B6 Tomorrow Belongs To Us
B7 They Declare It
Live At The City Club
A1 Never Again
A2 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
A3 The Final Bloodbath
A4 Fight Back
A5 Protest & Survive
A6 The Nightmare Continues
A7 Why
A8 The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
A9 A Hell On Earth
A10 Cries Of Help
A11 Is This To Be
B1 Drunk With Power
B2 Realities Of War
B3 I Won't Subscribe
B4 The Blood Runs Red
B5 Ain't No Feeble Bastard
B6 The End
B7 Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
B8 Decontrol
Live At The 100 Club
A1 Never Again
A2 Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing E
A3 The Nightmare Continues
A4 Realities Of War
A5 State Violence State Control
A6 A Hell On Earth
A7 Cries Of Help
A8 The Possibility Of Life's Destruction
B1 The Final Bloodbath
B2 Protest & Survive
B3 Doomsday
B4 Why
B5 The End
B6 Canadian TV Interview 1983 (Bonus Track)
Where's Our Freedom? 7"
A1 Society's Victim
A2 Where's Our Freedom?
A3 Maimed + Slaughtered
A4 Decontrol
B1 Realities Of War
B2 Wars No Fairytale
B3 Why?
B4 The End...

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Box set containing three LPs, a hardcover book, an A2 poster and a 7" EP. You can get it in a striped/blue black vinyl edition, an electric blue vinyl edition, or a black vinyl edition.


Discharge ‎– Noise Not Music - Italy 3xLP+7" 2019 (F.O.A.D. - F.O.A.D. 160)

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