The Disrupters - Open Wounds: 1980-2011

Disrupters - Open Wounds: 1980-2011

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UK LP 2018 (Overground - OVER 161LP)

A1 Young Offender
A2 We Are The Taliban
A3 Rot In Hell
A4 Animal Farm
A5 Generation Retard
A6 Windscale Cheeseburger
B1 Give Me Rush
B2 Nice Day For A Hanging
B3 Norvic The Clown/Gas The Punx
B4 I’m Still Here
B5 Pissing In The Wind
B6 Napalm

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Blue vinyl


Disrupters - Open Wounds: 1980-2011 - UK LP 2018 (Overground - OVER 161LP)Disrupters - Open Wounds: 1980-2011 - UK LP 2018 (Overground - OVER 161LP)

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