D.O.A. - En Concert 1985

D.O.A. - En Concert 1985

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France Tape 1986 (Bébé Rose Productions - BBR 001)

A1 Class War
A2 I'm Right, You're Wrong
A3 America The Beautiful
A4 13
A5 Dangerman
B1 Race Riot
B2 Watcher
B3 Enemy
B4 Our World
B5 Rich Bitch
B6 Prisoner

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Recorded live 9th november 1985 at the Gymnase du Vieux Temple, Grenoble, France

Additional Credits

Joey Shithead - guitar, vocals
Dave Gregg - guitar, vocals
Brian 'Wimpy Roy' Goble - bass, vocals
Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery - drums

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