D.O.A. - General Strike / That's Life

D.O.A. - General Strike

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Canada 7" 1983 (Sudden Death - SD004)

A General Strike
B That's Life

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Produced by D.O.A.
Recorded at Profile Sound, November 5-6

Additional Credits

Joey Shithead - guitar, vocals
Brian Goble - bass, vocals
Dave Gregg - guitar
Dimwit - drums, piano

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, 1983: A new release that exemplifies D.O.A.'s movement toward traditional rock music (at least on record). The A-Side is an appeal to people to stand up for their rights and join in a general strike, reflecting the mood in British Columbia in November of '83. It's set to music that "sounds like Foreigner", according to a famous friend of ours. The B-Side is that awful Sinatra song. Enough said.

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D.O.A. - General Strike - Canada 7" 1983 (Sudden Death - SD004)D.O.A. - General Strike - Canada 7" 1983 (Sudden Death - SD004) Back Cover

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