D.O.A. / Hard Core Logo - Split

D.O.A. / Hard Core Logo - SplitD.O.A. / Hard Core Logo - Split Side 2

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Canada 7" 2010 (Sudden Death / Explosive - SDR 0089 / EXPLOSIVE 69)

Side Eh?!
D.O.A. - Blue Tattoo 3:40
Side A
Hard Core Logo – Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? 3:04

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D.O.A. Side:
Joe "Shithead" Keithley - guitar, vocals
"Dirty" Dan Sedan - bass, vocals
"Floor" Tom Jones - drums, vocals
Produced by Joe Keithley and Chon at Profile Studios, Vancouver. BC

Hard Core Logo Side:

Joe Dick - lead vocals, guitar
Billy Tallent - lead guitar, vocals
John Oxenburger - bass, vocals
Pipefitter - drums, vocals
Recorded & mixed live by James "Rat Bastard" Murdoch at the Commodore Ballroom 11/07/95

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