D.O.A. - Lineups 1977-1986


Harry Homo 1978 Lasted a few gigs
Joey Shithead real name Joey Keighley, changed to Keithley 1978-1990, 1992-present Ex-Stone Crazy/The Skulls
Joey Shithead 1978-1990, 1992-present  
Randy Romance 1978  
Brad Kunt (real name Brad Hunt) 1978 Ex-Victorian Pork. Left to join the Avengers
Dave Gregg 1980-1988 Ex-Private School
Randy Rampage (real name Randy Archibald) 1978-1979 Left band during first LP sessions
Simon"'Stubby Pecker" Wilde 1980 Ex-Rabid. Actually played on some songs on Something Better Change LP. R.I.P. 1994
Randy Rampage 1980-1981 Booted out of band on New Year's Eve
Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery 1982 Ex-The Skulls/Pointed Sticks/Subhumans. Switched to drums. R.I.P. 1994
Brian 'Wimpy Roy' Goble 1982-1990, 1992-1996 Ex-The Skulls/Subhumans
Chuck Biscuits (real name Charles Montgomery) 1978-1979 Ex-Victorian Pork
Andy Graffitii 1980 In band for a month
Zippy Pinhead 1980 Ex-Dils. In band for a month
Chuck Biscuits 1980-1982 Back for a second stint. Left to join Black Flag
Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery 1982-1983 Switched from bass when Biscuits left
Greg 'Ned Peckerwood' James 1983-1984 Played on the General Strike 7". Left to join Verbal Abuse
Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery 1984-1986 Back in band again
Kerr Belliveau 1986 Played on Expo Hurts Everyone E.P. and some of True (North) Strong & Free, 1987
Jon Card 1986-1990 Ex-Personality Crisis

DOA - Vancouver Punk 1978-1979

DOA IN 1978: L-R: Randy Rampage, Joey Shithead, Chuck Biscuits

DOA Vancouver Punk 1981

DOA IN 1981: L-R: Randy Rampage, Joey Shithead, Dave Gregg, Chuck Biscuits

DOA Vancouver Punk 1985

DOA IN 1985: L-R: Ken "Dimwit" Montgomery, Joey Shithead, Brian 'Wimpy Roy' Goble, Dave Gregg


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