D.O.A. - The Menace Lives

D.O.A. - The Menace Lives

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Canada 7" 1991 (Sudden Death - no cat no)

A Rent A Riot
B No God, No War

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Joey Shithead - vocals, guitar
Randy Rampage - bass
Chuck Biscuits - drums

All songs by DOA, 1982
Produced by Thom Wilson

Additional Credits

Actual credits for songs:
Joey Shithead - vocals, guitar
Dave Gregg - guitar
Dimwit - bass on ''Rent A Riot''
Randy Rampage - bass on ''No God No War'
Chuck Biscuits - drums

'Rent A Riot' recorded at Mystic Studios in L.A. in early 1982
'No God No War' recorded at Skidrow Recording, Burnaby, BC, early '81

Reviews & Opinions

FLEX! HARDCORE: Two unreleased ’82 studio tracks, good sound quality with just a little noise. Great melodic hardcore tracks, no rock influence. [8]

Additional Notes

Bootleg. Both tracks have been officially released on The Lost Tapes.


D.O.A. - The Menace Lives - Canada 7" 1991 (Sudden Death - no cat no)D.O.A. - The Menace Lives - Canada 7" 1991 (Sudden Death - no cat no) Back Cover

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