D.O.A. - The Only Thing Green

D.O.A. - The Only Thing Green

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UK 7" 1993 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 131)
US 7" 1993 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 131)

A The Only Thing Green
B Folsom Prison Blues

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Joey "Shithead" Keithley - guitar, vocals
Brian Goble - bass, vocals
Ken Jensen - drums, vocals

Produced by John "Big Rock" Wright
Engineered by Brian "Who" Else
Recorded at Profile Studios, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Front cover photo unknown
Back cover photo by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
Sleeve construction by John Yates

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Additional Notes

The A-Side is from Loggerheads. The B-Side also appears on the same LP, but is about five minutes longer and about four times slower.


D.O.A. - The Only Thing GreenD.O.A. - The Only Thing Green

UK 7" 1993 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 131)


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