Double-O - Double-O

Double-O - Double-O

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US 7" 1983 (R&B/Dischord - NO 1 / NO. 10 ½)

A1 You've Lost 1:40
A2 Is It Better 2:17
A3 Grey To Black 1:30
B1 Death Of A Friend 4:21
B2 There's No Reasoning 1:30

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Eric L - vocals
Richard Moore - drums
Jason Carmer - guitar
Bert Queiroz - bass

Dedicated to everyone who supports their own scene.
This record made possible by Janelle Simmons.
Engineered by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios.
Produced by Lyle Preslar, Don Zientara and Richard Moore
Thanks to: Tom Clinton (for playing guitar Oct. '81 - Apr. '82), Minor Threat, Scream, Tomas and Toni Young
Cover photo - Michael Smith
Graphics - Cynthia Connolly

Reviews & Opinions

BARBARA RICE, TRULY NEEDY VOL 2, 1983: The Double-O record is, in one word, overwhelming. It is everything hardcore punk and rock should be.

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Double-O - Double-O - Front CoverDouble-O - Double-O - Back Cover


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