The Drones - Dirty Bastards

The Drones - Dirty Bastards

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Finland LP 1999 (Alternative Action - A.A. 041)

A1 Dirty Bastards
A2 Sorted
A3 Nightman
A4 Psychotic Woman
A5 American Pie
A6 The Phone
B1 Good Girl
B2 I'll Get Back To You
B3 I Don't Care
B4 Jon The Postman
B5 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
B6 Johnny Go Home

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M.J. Drone - vocals
Gus Gangrene - guitars (lead vocals on track 4)
Marc Standley - bass
Pete Purrfect - drums

All photos (tour pics from '78) by Dave Bentley.
Thanks to Sean for the copies. Cover art by Juha Ruotsalainen

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This was issued on CD the same year as Sorted.


The Drones - Dirty Bastards - Finland LP 1999 (Alternative Action - AA 041)The Drones - Dirty Bastards - Finland LP 1999 (Alternative Action - AA 041) Back Cover

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