The Drones - Expectations - Tapes From The Attic 75-82

The Drones - Expectations - Tapes From The Attic 75-82

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UK CD 1997 (Overground - OVER 60 CD)

1 The Clique
2 Be My Baby
3 The Change
4 Movement
5 Johnny Go Home
6 Then I Kissed Her
7 Search And Destroy
8 You Never Notice
9 Fooled
10 She's OK
11 Bristol's Back
12 Lookalikes
13 Bone Idol
14 Be My Baby
15 Sad So Sad
16 Be Myself
17 City Drones
18 You'll Lose
19 Corgi Crap
20 Movement
21 No More Time
22 Persecution Complex

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M.J. Drone - vocals & guitar
Gus Gangrene - lead guitar & backing vocals
Steve 'Wispa' Cundell - bass
Pete 'Lambert' Howells - drums, percussion

1, 10: Recorded June 1978
2-4: John Peel Session, March 1978
5-6: Recorded at Countdown Studios, Manchester 15-9-78
7: Recorded as a favour in Countdown Studios, Manchester 1975
8-9: Recorded May 1979
11: Recorded at Drone Studios in Chorlton
12-14: Recorded live at Skunx, Moonlight Club and 100 Club early 1982
15-21: Recorded live at Blackpool August 9th 1996 and Bath, October 12th 1996
22: Recorded live at the Electric Circus, Manchester, 1977

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Reviews & Opinions

STEPHEN THOMAS ERLEWINE, ALL MUSIC GUIDE: Expectations - Tapes from the Attic '75-'82 is a rarities collection of live cuts, demos, outtakes and rarities, highlighted by a storming version of the Stooges' "Search and Destroy." The remainder of the record is little more than pedestrian punk, without much character or identity, but it's useful for fetishists and fanatical collectors of the first wave of British punk. But keep in mind that there was a reason why the Drones barely registered at the time and have hardly been heard from since.

PUNKY GIBBON: This confirms assertions from the band that the Pistols weren't the only Stooges fans in Blighty in 1975. A (muffled) version of ‘Search And Destroy' dates from November 1975, the very month that the Pistols first stepped on a stage. A collection of demos and alternate versions, this is really for completists only, although it does have some songs that they never released in their lifetime, and encompasses sessions from '75 to May '79. A live set dating from their reformation gig in 1996, at the ‘Holidays In The Sun' festival, is of minor interest. The whole of the 1982 set was later bootlegged as Skunx Club, London, UK, 20th April 1982.

Additional Notes

This was issued on LP with fewer tracks as The Attic Tapes 1975-82.


The Drones - Expectations - Tapes From The Attic 75-82 - UK CD 1997 (Overground - OVER 60 CD)The Drones - Expectations - Tapes From The Attic 75-82 - UK CD 1997 (Overground - OVER 60 CD) Tray

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