The Drones - Further Temptations

The Drones - Further Temptations

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UK LP 1977 (Valer - VRLP 1)

A1 Persecution Complex 2:36
A2 Bone Idol 1:54
A3 Movement 2:51
A4 Be My Baby 3:19
A5 Corgi Crap 2:43
A6 Sad So Sad 2:38
A7 The Change 3:39
B1 Lookalikes 2:36
B2 The Underdog 3:00
B3 No More Time 2:35
B4 City Drones 3:40
B5 Just Want To Be Myself 2:44
B6 Lift Off The Bans 2:37


UK CD 1993 (Anagram - CD PUNK 20)

1 Persecution Complex 2:36
2 Bone Idol 1:54
3 Movement 2:51
4 Be My Baby 3:19
5 Corgi Crap 2:43
6 Sad So Sad 2:38
7 The Change 3:39
8 Lookalikes 2:36
9 Underdog 3:00
10 No More Time 2:35
11 City Drones 3:40
12 Just Want To Be Myself 2:44
13 Lift Off The Bans 2:37
Bonus Tracks
14 Lookalikes (Original Single Version) 2:34
15 Corgi Crap (Original Single Version) 2:53
16 Hard On Me 2:12
17 You'll Lose 3:40
18 Just Want To Be Myself (Original Single Version) 2:49
19 Bone Idol (Original Single Version) 1:59
20 Can't See 3:32
21 Fooled Today 3:15

14-17: Temptations Of A White Collar Worker 7", 1977
18-19: Just Want To Be Myself / Bone Idol 7", 1977
20-21: Can't See 7", 1980

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M.J. Drone - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
P (Lambert) Howells - drums, percussion
Gangrene (Gus) - lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
J (Whispa) Cundell - bass, backing vocals on 'The Change' and 'The Underdog'

Produced by Simon Humphrey at CBS Studios, London
Special thanks to Simon Humphrey for piano on 'Be My Baby', 'Movement' & 'Lift Off The Bans'

Additional Credits

See individual releases for credits on bonus tracks

Reviews & Opinions

ALAN LEWIS, SOUNDS, DECEMBER 1977: Contrary to what you might hear (you old fashioned things you) from their name and image, The Drones have come up with an album which, while not exactly running the gamut of musical styles (!), can hardly fail to please anyone who likes scruffy heads-down rock and roll, be they punx or Quo-men. There's even a bit of Velvet Underground doominess on 'Underdogs'. Singer M.J. Drone overdoes the Rotten-isms a bit, and their lyrics are a bit dumb, but most of their songs pack a punch and any band which can murder a Spector sacred cow like 'Be My Baby' with such cheerful panache (rivaled by The Lurkers' massacre of 'Then I Kissed Her') must have something going for them. If there's no place for The Drones (or The Lurkers or The Zeros or any of the average, enjoyable but non-significant young bands) then the New Wave is gonna wind up every bit as boring as the Old Wave. No fun?

RECORD COLLECTOR, DECEMBER 2009: Managed by journalist and TV presenter Paul Morley, The Drones were a punk group from Manchester via pub rock brats Rockslide. Formed in 1975, they matured in the shadow of Buzzcocks, before moving on to support outfits such as X-Ray Spex and The Stranglers. John Peel ended up spotting them and called The Drones in for a 1977 session. This album is raw, classic period rock, oozing energy, smacking of frustration, poverty, unemployment and decay. Everything a punk aficionado wants, basically.

Additional Notes

Foir vinyl junkies, the 21-song Anagram reissue was also issued as a double LP by Helter Skelter (HS12D9446, 1994) and Get Back (GET 6, 1996).


The Drones - Further Temptations - UK LP 1977 (Valer - VRLP 1)The Drones - Further Temptations - UK LP 1977 (Valer - VRLP 1) Back Cover

UK LP 1977 (Valer - VRLP 1). Click here for more

The Drones - Further Temptations - UK CD 1993 (Anagram - CD PUNK 20)The Drones - Further Temptations - UK CD 1993 (Anagram - CD PUNK 20) Tray

UK CD 1993 (Anagram - CD PUNK 20). Click here for more


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