Ex-Thin Lizzy/Atomic Rooster bloke goes new wave. Singles 1 & 2 are apparently punkified boogie. Don't Be A Dummy was a UK Top 40 hit, and a memorable one at that.

John Du Cann

Johnny Du Cann - Throw Him In Jail France 7"


Singles / Albums

Johnny DuCann - Throw Him In Jail Johnny DuCann - Where's The Show? John Du Cann - Don't Be A Dummy    
Throw Him In Jail
(7", as Johnny DuCann, 1977)
Where's The Show?
(7", as Johnny DuCann, 1977)
Don't Be A Dummy
(7" 1979)

Extraneous Releases

The World's Not Big Enough John Du Cann and Status Quo - Nothing Better John Du Cann - The Many Sides Of 1967-1980    
The World's Not Big Enough (CD, 1999) Nothing Better (CD, with Status Quo Members, 2011) The Many Sides Of 1967-1980 (CD, 2012)    



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