The Ejected - A Touch Of Class

The Ejected - A Touch Of Class

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UK LP 1983 (Riot City - City 003)

A1 Young Tribes Of England
A2 Fast 'N' Loud
A3 Gang Warfare
A4 Class Of '82
A5 England Ain't Dead
A6 Carnival
A7 Football Song
B1 Man Of War
B2 Fifteen
B3 Have You Got 10p?
B4 Mr. Muggins
B5 East End Kids
B6 I'm Gonna Get A Gun
B7 Dressed To Kill
B8 Karnal Dub
B9 The Sky's In Love


UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 024)

1 Young Tribes Of England
2 Fast 'N' Loud
3 Gang Warfare
4 Class Of '82
5 England Ain't Dead
6 Carnival
7 Football Song
8 Man Of War
9 Fifteen
10 Have You Got 10p?
11 Mr. Muggins
12 East End Kids
13 I'm Gonna Get A Gun
14 Dressed To Kill
15 Karnal Dub
16 The Sky's In Love
Bonus Tracks
17 Have You Got 10p? (Single Version)
18 Class Of `82 (Single Version)
19 One Of The Boys
20 Fast `N' Loud (Single Version)
21 I Don`t Care |
22 What Happened In Brighton
23 East End Kids (Oi! LP Version)
24 What Am I Gonna?

17-19: Have You Got 10p? 7", 1982
20-22: Noise For The Boys! (E.P.) 7", 1982
24-24: from Carry On Oi! compilation LP, 1981

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The Ejected are
Jim Brooks - Vocals/Guitar
Gary Sandbrook - Vocals/Bass
Paul Griffiths - Drums/B.Vocals

Recorded 24th, 25th and 26th November 1982 at Scarf Studios, Furze Street, Bow, E3.
Mixed and produced by Mark Lewis and the Ejected.
Cut by Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia Village.
Cover concept the Ejected, design Lloyd Harris.
Photos by Malcolm Oliver and the old family album and Polaroid.
'The sky's in love' sung by Steve Spartakiad with accompaniment on 'Mouth trumpet' by Jim Brooks.

Reviews & Opinions

TONY PUPPY, PUNK LIVES #7, 1983: Famous for about 10 minutes last year when they took the phrase "Have you got 10p?" and turned it into an average punk single - here they show the same flair for notoriety by sticking three vaguely punky girls with themselves on the cover. Identify with the product kids, this is one for all your sherberts, all those who miss the Cockney Rejects. Does anyone miss the Cockney Rejects? Ah yes, there's someone near the back with their hand up - give this album to him. The music is pure U.K. Subs, except it's played with absolutely no spirit or feeling of good timery. Completely empty of any real substance, after playing it god-knows how many times I still can't remember anything about it. Thankfully the old memory banks put this experience on immediate erase.

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The Ejected - A Touch Of Class - UK LP 1983 (Riot City - City 003)The Ejected - A Touch Of Class - The Ejected - A Touch Of Class - UK LP 1983 (Riot City - City 003)

UK LP 1983 (Riot City - City 003). Click here for more

The Ejected - A Touch Of Class - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 024)The Ejected - A Touch Of Class - UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 024) Tray

UK CD 1994 (Captain Oi! - AHOY CD 024). Click here for more


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