Epidemic - Whitsable Punks

Formed: Whitstable, Kent, England, UK

Epidemic - Whitsable Punks at the 100 Club in 1983

Punks who formed in 1981 and split in 1991. Founder member Pat Murphy later formed Gothic Punk/Metal band Jesus Fix.

Original Lineup:

Pete - vocals
Steve - guitar
Patrick Murphy - bass
Dom Clark - drums

Later members:

Simon - vocals
Matt - drums
Glen - drums
Mark - vocals
Simon - drums


Singles / Albums

Epidemic/I'm Dead - Grim Humour Playground/Epidemic      
Grim Humour #3 (7", split with I'm Dead, 1984) Playground/Epidemic (7", split, unreleased, 1986)      


Epidemic - Demo Epidemic - Demo      
Demo (Tape, 1988) Demo (Tape, 1989)      


Various Artists

I've Got Those... Demo-Lition Blues! UK LP 1983 (Insane): Living A Lie


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