Extremes - Extremes

Extremes - Extremes

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US 7" 1979 (Test Tube - TTR-002)

1 Bloody Yellow 3:20
2 Ephemeral Living 2:35
3 Animals Part III 3:35
4 Mr. Moto 1:58

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Shawn Stern - solo and treated guitars, saxophone, vocals
Christian Kuhni - vocals, electronics and piano
Maicol "Bobby" Sinatra - vocals, guitars (rhythm, treated and bass)
Mark Stern - acoustic and electric percussion, dub snare, white and pink noises
Backup vocals by the opinion section

Produced and arranged by the "Extremes"
Executive Producer: Chris Trent
Thanks to Jo Julian for some sounds
Completely Engineered by Spot at Media Arts

Additional Credits

None yet

Reviews & Opinions

FLEX! PUNK, HARDCORE AND POWERPOP 1975-1985 A-M: 'Ephemeral Living' is art wave with a piano and a synth, but also a more aggressive punk edge. 'Animals' is a bit closer to B-52's style new wave, but there are still traces of a DIY/punk sound. 'Mr. Moto' is a funny new wave version of the classic surf instrumental. 'Bloody Yellow' is pure synth-pop/industrial synth. No great, but mildly interesting if you're into the DIY side of new wave.

Additional Notes

'Animals Part III ' listed as 'Animals Part 3' on inside of gatefold sleeve.


Extremes - Extremes - US 7" 1979 (Test Tube - TTR-002)Extremes - Extremes - US 7" 1979 (Test Tube - TTR-002)

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