Klaus Flouride - Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride

Klaus Flouride - Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride

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US LP 1985 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 36)

1 Fear Most
2 So It Goes
3 Dead Prairie Dogs
4 My Linda
5 Ghost Riders
6 Gruesome Stains
7 Mochra

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Produced by Klaus Flouride
Engineered by Klaus Flouride, Tom Mallons, Hihn Cuniberti

Klaus Flouride - vocals
Klaus Flouride - all music
except 'My Linda' with, Ricky Sludge - piano, D.H. Peligro - drums

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #29, OCTOBER 1985: This eclectic release from the DK's bassist combines rock and pop with a crisp, engaging experimental feel. The unassured vocals got in the way of my enjoyment, but the post-punk sound of this one is on-target: it's upbeat, well-recorded, and quite varied from cut to cut. My fave is the instrumental, "Mochra."

MARK PRINDLE: This eccentric, eclectic 7-song EP features a veritable Jukebox Salad of musical styles, including industrial new wave punk, moody Dire Straits guitar plucking, Western prairie horseclop music, boogie woogie rockabilly, avant-garde tape manipulation and fuzz-synth prog rock. The instrumental tones vary all over creation too, from unlistenably ugly cacophony racket and muffled reverbed guitars to corny '70s love keyboards and Hi-Fi radio-ready rock'n'roll. No two songs sound even the slightest bit alike (although "Dead Prairie Dogs" and the cover of "Ghost Riders" at least fit into the same spaghetti Western genre), and most people will come away from the record thinking to themselves, "What the fuck was that guy doing in the Dead Kennedys!?" Talk about repressing your true musical interests! Talk about dumbing down your ideas to fit somebody else's vision! Talk about how fucking great the Dead Kennedys were! Okay, I guess we have an answer. I'm glad we talked about it. This is a strange, insular record showcasing the unique vision of a gifted, clever and slightly off-kilter musician and songwriter. The music is not entirely without its predecessors -- "Gruesome Stains"' cut-up pastiche of radio advertising outtakes is totally Negativland, the wildly exuberant rockabilly "My Linda" sounds a lot like John Entwistle's similar experiments with the genre, and if a group of mobsters bashed Devo's brains in with aluminum bats, "Fear Most" might come out -- but the fact that all of these different musics emerged fully-formed from the brain of one man is pretty inspiring. As is the gleeful singalong chorus "I don't know why they never clean them up/There's nothing worse than a rotten prairie pup/Lying there in a heap - dead."

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Klaus Flouride - Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride - US LP 1985 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 36)Klaus Flouride - Cha Cha Cha With Mr. Flouride - US LP 1985 (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 36)


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