Gaffa - Man With A Motive

Gaffa - Man With A Motive

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UK 7" 1980 (Gaffa 'N' Product - ZZZZ S003)

A Man With A Motive 3:06
A Your Side / My Side 2:26

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Recorded by Gaffa
The offence took place at Pathway Studios on the 12th February 1980
'Your Side My Side' was offered in evidence by the defence council on behalf of Mick Barratt (drums), Wayne David Evans (bass, vocals), Eddie Smith (guitar), John - junior - Maslen (guitar, vocals). The case continues.
It was generally agreed that there was a Man With A Motive involved but there was insufficient evidence to determine his identity, although assorted synthesizörs, accompanied by an echo unit, were to be held responsible for the final mix-up.

Front by Chris Brierley
Back by Eddie & John
Produced by Mike Finesilver

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Gaffa - Man With A MotiveGaffa - Man With A Motive Back Cover


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