Gen X - 4

Gen X - 4

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Release Information

UK 7" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 2488)
UK 12" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 12 2488)

A1 Dancing With Myself 3:20
A2 Untouchables 3:35
B1 Rock On 2:19
B2 King Rocker 2:16


Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 60


Billy Idol - guitar, vocals
Tony James - bass
Terry Chimes - drums kit
James Stevenson - guitar
Also starring:
Steve Jones - overdub guitar on 'Untouchables'/'Rock On'
Bob Andrews - guitar on 'King Rocker'
Mark Laff - drums on on 'King Rocker'

Produced by Keith Forsey
'King Rocker' produced by Ian Hunter
Photography - Brian Aris

'Dancing With Myself' and 'Untouchables' taken from the LP Kiss Me Deadly - CHR 1327

Additional Credits

Steve New also plays guitar on ''Dancing With Myself' and 'Untouchables'. Billy Idol plays guitar on the latter, as well.

Reviews & Opinions

RONNIE GURR, SMASH HITS, JAN 22 - FEB 4, 1981: In terms of fashion, Gen X were the Spandau Ballet of '77 and this is a re-release of the excellent single that escaped at the end of last year and showed that a prolonged layoff hadn't affected their pop sensibility; instead it bolstered their technique. With 'Untouchables', another track from the new album, and two oldies (Gary Glitter's 'Rock On' and the appalling 'King Rocker') it all adds up to good value.

PUNKY GIBBON: Two songs from Kiss Me Deadly: 'Dancing With Myself' is a classic pop/punk song, but this is a different mix to the one on the LP; whilst 'Untouchables' is fairly soft and uninteresting. 'Rock On' is new and not especially good. 'King Rocker' from Valley Of The Dolls pads out the EP.

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Gen X - 4 - UK 7" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 2488)Gen X - 4 - UK 7" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 2488) Back

UK 7" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 2488). Click here for more

Gen X - 4  UK 12" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 12 2488)Gen X - 4  UK 12" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 12 2488) Back

UK 12" 1981 (Chrysalis - CHS 12 2488). Click here for more


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