Germs - (Cat's Clause)

Germs - (Cat's Clause)

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Spain 10" 1993 (Munster - MR 025)

A1 Public Image
A2 Lion's Share
A3 Strange Notes
A4 Shut Down (Never Ending Version)
A5 Germ's Riot
B1 Lexicon Devil
B2 Other Newest One
B3 My Tunnel
B4 Circle One
B5 Strange Notes

Chart Placings



First side 1-2-3-4 Starwood, 5 Great Gatsby
Second side 1-2 Hong Kong Cafe, 3 Fleetwood, 4-5 Canterbury rehearsal

Produced by Pat Fear
Engineer: Pat Fear
Photo: Bill Bartell

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Germs - (Cat's Clause) - Spain 10" 1993 (Munster - MR 025)Germs - (Cat's Clause) - Spain 10" 1993 (Munster - MR 025) Back Cover

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