The Germs - (GI)

Germs - (GI)

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US LP 1979 (Slash - SR-103)

A1 What We Do Is Secret 0:41
A2 Communist Eyes 2:21
A3 Land Of Treason 2:02
A4 Richie Dagger's Crime 1:53
A5 Strange Notes 1:49
A6 American Leather 1:08
A7 Lexicon Devil 1:39
A8 Manimal 2:08
A9 Our Way 1:54
A10 We Must Bleed 2:48
B1 Media Blitz 1:28
B2 The Other Newest One 2:44
B3 Let's Pretend 2:27
B4 Dragon Lady 1:35
B5 The Slave 0:57
B6 Shut Down 9:03


US CD 1998 (Slash/Rhino - R2 23932)

1 What We Do Is Secret 0:41
2 Communist Eyes 2:21
3 Land Of Treason 2:02
4 Richie Dagger's Crime 1:53
5 Strange Notes 1:49
6 American Leather 1:08
7 Lexicon Devil 1:39
8 Manimal 2:08
9 Our Way 1:54
10 We Must Bleed 2:48
11 Media Blitz 1:28
12 The Other Newest One 2:44
13 Let's Pretend 2:27
14 Dragon Lady 1:35
15 The Slave 0:57
16 Shut Down 9:03

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Pat Smear - guitar
Lorna Doom - bass
Darby Crash - vocals
Don Bolles - drums

Produced by Joan Jett
Engineer - Pat Burnette
Photo - Melanie NIssen

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: On this classic platter the shit-hot band blasts through sixteen proto-hardcore anthems of exhilarating belligerence, with tight playing and lashings of brattiness. Moreover, it is distinguished by surprisingly intelligent and articulate lyrics by Crash, although you probably won’t be able to figure ‘em out without the aid of a lyric sheet, as he was one of the genre’s most formidable sneerers. This is utterly classic, a collision of the frantic pacing of The Damned and the catastrophic, pissed-off guitar racket of Black Flag. Joan Jett was credited as producer, although legend would have it she spent most of the recording sessions asleep.

Additional Notes

This has been reissued on CD as part of (MIA) The Complete Anthology


Germs - (GI) US LP 1979 (Slash - SR-103)Germs - (GI) US LP 1979 (Slash - SR-103) Back Cover

US LP 1979 (Slash - SR-103). Click here for more


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