The Germs - Rock N' Rule

Germs - Rock N Rule

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US LP 1986 (XES - F-506)

A1 Lion's Share
A2 Let's Pretend
A3 Richie Dagger's Crime
A4 What We Do Is Secret
A5 Art
A6 Communist Eyes
A7 Caught In My Eye
A8 Media Blitz
B1 Lexicon Devil
B2 Manimal
B3 Our Way
B4 False Start
B5 Shutdown


US CD 1999 (XES - F-506)

1 Lion's Share
2 Let's Pretend
3 Richie Dagger's Crime
4 What We Do Is Secret
5 Art
6 Communist Eyes
7 Caught In My Eye
8 Media Blitz
9 Lexicon Devil
10 Manimal
11 Our Way
12 False Start
13 Shutdown

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Recorded live at The Masque Christmas Party - Whiskey A-Go-Go, December 1979, Hollywood

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Germs - Rock N Rule - US LP 1986 (XES - F-506)Germs - Rock N Rule - US LP 1986 (XES - F-506) Back

US LP 1986 (XES - F-506). Click here for more

Germs - Rock N Rule - US CD 1999 (XES - F-506)

US CD 1999 (XES - F-506)


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