God's Lonely Men - All This And More

God's Lonely Men - All This And More

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Finland LP 1991 (Hiljaiset Levyt – HIKI-008)

A1 They Wanna See You Down 4:10
A2 Heaven Sent You 2:43
A3 The Last Goodbye 2:22
A4 Playin' With The Wild Child 3:22
A5 Happy Days Are Over 2:55
A6 My Time Has Gone 3:08
B1 Things Are Going Wrong 3:18
B2 Price I Have To Pay 2:55
B3 No Chance 2:27
B4 Love Turned To Hate 3:03
B5 Why Do I Cry 3:13
B6 All This And More 3:35

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Teemu Horto - guitar, bass
Jarkko Jokelainen - drums, percussion
Vesa Vahtera - vocals, bass, guitar

Produced by Kari Hipponen
Recorded at Harasoo-Studio, April 26th - 29th 1991
Mikko Kangasjärvi - piano on 'Heaven Sent You'
Aki Mikkola - backing vocals
Backing vocals on 'They Wanna See You Down': Tumppi Kuoppala, PP Kotila, Toni Haimi

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Reviews & Opinions

STEVE GARDNER, NOISE FOR HEROES: Despite having the same name as the second Lurker's lp, God's Lonely Men don't trade in the same rama-lama punk style but instead weave some powerful pop music that's full of meaty guitar, rippling bass, roughened but melodic singing, and crackling sharp drumming. This stuff is never slick and it's always got punch, and it's consistently good across the whole record. They've got a particular knack for wistful sounding chord progressions and boy/girl songs. Cool! (See full review here)

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God's Lonely Men - All This And More - Finland LP 1991 (Hiljaiset Levyt – HIKI-008)God's Lonely Men - All This And More - Finland LP 1991 (Hiljaiset Levyt – HIKI-008) Back Cover

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