Formed: Bedfordshire, England, UK


Crappy fake punk band who debuted with the abysmal I'm All Hung Up On Pierrepoint in August 1977. Single No. 2 I Don't Mind, released a year later, is a pretty engaging stab at being a proper punk record, although the vocals border on parody. Single No. 3, Jesus Crisis, released a year after that, is now a super-rarity that fetches over £600!

Horror Comic Punk 1977

They began life as Crackers, and were so irredeemably lame they entered and appeared on Opportunity Knocks. Rumours persist that the band all worked for Lightning Records, although there's no mention of this in the liner notes to the England '77 compilation, which is full of bad R&B/rock.



Singles / Albums

Horrorcomic - I'm All Hung Up On Pierrepoint Horrorcomic - I Don't Mind Horrorcomic - Jesus Crisis    
I'm All Hung Up On Pierrepoint
(7", 1977)
I Don't Mind
(7", 1978)
Jesus Crisis
(7", 1979)

Extraneous Releases

Horrorcomic - England '77        
England '77
(CD, 2006)

Various Artists

Killed By Death Vol #007 LP 1993 (Redrum): I Don't Mind

Lightning Records Punk Collection UK CD 1996 (Anagram): I Don't Mind

England Belongs To Me Japan LP 1996 (77 Records): England '77

White Dopes On Punk UK 2xCD 2005 (Castle Music): I'm All Hung Up On Pierrepoint






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