The Insurgence - The Insurgence

The Insurgence - The Insurgence

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US CD 2010 (Digital Warfare - DWR002)
Europe CD 2010 (Razorblade-Music)

1 Destroyed Republic
2 Blood Money
3 Honor Killing
4 Dont Give Up The Fight
5 Images Of The Apocalypse
6 Murder Pays
7 Hold Our Ground
8 So F%@cked Up
9 Wings Of Death
10 Faces Wrapped In Black
11 Barbed Wire Fences
12 Left To Die
13 This Bullet Has No Name
14 Black Picket Fence

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Jibo - vox
Time Bomb - guitar, vox
Fidel - guitar, vox
Justin - bass. vox
Josh Snider - drums vox

Recorded and mixed by Jack Endino

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The Insurgence - The InsurgenceThe Insurgence - The Insurgence Back Cover

US CD 2010 (Digital Warfare - DWR002)


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