The Insurgence - Never Surrender

The Insurgence - Never Surrender

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US 7" 2008 (Basement! - BR-050)

A1 Wasted Future 1:37
A2 K Street Killers 2:07
B1 How Much More Can I Take? 1:26
B2 Never Surrender 2:01


US CDS 2008 (Basement! - BR-050)

1 Wasted Future 1:37
2 K Street Killers 2:07
3 How Much More Can I Take? 1:26
4 Never Surrender 2:01

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Justin McCawley - bass, vocals
Josh Sinder, drums, vocals
Fidel Martinez - guitar, vocals
Mike Time Bomb - guitar, vocals
Jibo Barrow - vocals

Produced, recorded and mixed by Jack Endino

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