Formed: UK

Bandwagon climbers, for sure, though several of the band members went onto join The Dyaks. Their single is not punk at all, really, with tuneful harmonies, tasteful keyboards and melodic power-pop vocals. The guitars are vaguely punky.

Producer Neil Harrison

also made some solo records before and after this band, and produced Sore Throat’s Sooner Than You Think.

Click here for the grisly details and a chance to hear the A-Side of their single, which was reissued in remixed form under a new band name, Disturbance.


Singles / Albums

Jabberwock - Sneakin' Snaky        
Sneakin' Snaky
(7", 1977)


Various Artists

Low Down Kids Companion, Volume 2 UK LP 2003 (Low Down Kids): Sneakin' Snaky






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