Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven

Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven

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UK 7" 1977 (Raw - RAW 3)

1 Johnny Won't Get To Heaven
2 Naive

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Kevin Rowland - vocals
Gem - bass
Mark Philips - guitar
Heather Tonge - vocals
Joe 45 - drums

Recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge
Produced by Lee Wood

Additional Credits

Recorded 23rd - 26th June 1977

Reviews & Opinions

ALAN LEWIS, SOUNDS, JULY 1977: Singing about, and pretty much in the style of the Pistols, this Birmingham band sound as if they mean it m-a-n, although the words, will ensure this will get no airplay outside of the John Peel show. Tough lyric and committed helter-skelter speed freak playing on both sides of this, the strongest release yet from Cambridge's Raw Records.

PUNKY GIBBPN: An absolute classic of ferocious raw punk with Kevin Rowland effing and blinding to his heart's content in a gruff fake Cockney accent. This definitely sounds like a band who went into the studio thinking, "This is our only chance, let's fucking go for it!". No wonder it became the best selling record on Raw.

Additional Notes

Reissued on vinyl in 1999 in a totally different sleeve by Damaged Goods (DAMGOOD 165).


Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven UK 7" 1977 (Raw - RAW 3)Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven UK 7" 1977 (Raw - RAW 3)

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